Public Library Cards

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New community partnership opens a world of reading!

The Beaverton School District and our Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) partners are expanding access to library materials and resources via the public library Youth Access Card (YAC) for BSD students who do not already have a public library card. This special library card allows students to check out up to five print books or audiobooks from any WCCLS library without any overdue fines. It also provides access to ebooks, digital audiobooks, and other online library resources that can be obtained directly from their BSD Chromebooks or other device.

Using the Sora app, students can link their WCCLS library cards to the BSD digital library so they can browse and borrow BSD and public library ebook/eaudiobook collections in one place. Rolling distribution of the YAC cards to BSD schools will begin starting in mid-November and continue through January. 

Will my child receive a public library card?

  • My child does not have a Washington County public library card and our family has not opted out of sharing student directory information.
    • Your child will receive a Youth Access Card from Washington County Cooperative Library Services. More information is available in the FAQ below.
  • My child already has a Washington County public library card.
    • Your child will continue to use the existing library card and will not receive a new card. Libraries are working to give students who owe library fines a fresh start wherever possible

  • My child has an E-Access card to use digital resources and would also like to borrow print materials.
    • Students will retain their E-Access card. If it has expired, it will be renewed for one year. Parents can visit a Washington County public library with their child to change it to a YAC or General library card.

  • Our family has opted out of sharing student directory information.
    • Your child will not receive a YAC card. A YAC card can be obtained by visiting a WCCLS public library.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the YAC cards be available for use?

  • Cards will be distributed between mid-November 2019 and January 2020

  • For students who enrolled after 10/7/19, the next distribution of cards will begin in February and again in May 2020

What will my child's library card number be?

  • BSD followed by your child’s student ID number

  • Example: BSD123456

What will my child's library password be?

  • Schools will receive password information to share with students.
  • Please change the password after logging in to the WCCLS website/catalog for the first time (

How can my child use the YAC card?

  • Check out up to 5 books or audiobooks

  • Access ebooks, digital audiobooks and online resources

  • Place up to 5 holds

  • No overdue fines

What is not available with a YAC card?

  • Interlibrary loans of materials from libraries outside of the county

  • Borrowing, CDs, DVDs or games

What is the best way to access ebooks and digital audiobooks?

  • Use the Sora, by OverDrive app or go to
  • Sora connects to the BSD digital collection and can also connect to the public library
  • For more information about linking Sora to ebooks from the public library, go to:

Are there fines for late, lost, or damaged materials?

  • There are no fines for late materials.
  • Fines are only assessed if an item is damaged, lost or not returned, allowing libraries to replace these materials.

Will the public library deliver books to the schools?

  • No. The focus of this project is to distribute public library cards to students.

How is student privacy ensured?

  • WCCLS takes steps to protect student privacy and confidentiality. WCCLS does not share names or personal information with other government agencies. Public libraries do not check immigration status. Students’ public library reading records are protected under Oregon law. 

Will this card connect to a parent/guardian's account?

  • No. Public libraries do not have access to parent contact information as part of this project.

If you have further questions, please contact BSD Library Services at