Remote Learning

The following information explains the next phase of remote learning for our students. The District had developed a comprehensive plan to implement what the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) had directed us to do - provide supplemental education and learning supports for students. That plan, Phase 2, is outlined below. However, as of late last night, March 30, ODE informed school districts that we were required to implement a plan for Distance Learning for All. Distance Learning for All essentially means that we are to provide a full, remote school experience for students. This new directive is more complex and it will take us additional time to plan for its implementation. 

We will implement Phase 2 of the Remote Learning Plan as described below through April 10. Per directive by ODE, Distance Learning for All, or Phase 3 of our Remote Learning Plan, is to be implemented on April 13 and will run through May 1. We will provide families the outline for Phase 3 during the week of April 6. 

We believe Phase 2 as outlined below is a good start for working into a more comprehensive school experience for students. It will give our staff time to make connections with students and families to survey the needs of both so we are better prepared to meet any challenges when we implement in Phase 3 on April 13. 

Thank you for your understanding and partnership as we work through this together.


Phase I: March 16 - April 3

Phase II: April 6 - April 10


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