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2015-17 High School Boundary Adjustment Process - Phase II

May 17, 2016

The Beaverton School Board unanimously approved the Superintendent's Transition Recommendations at their May 16 Business meeting. 

Boundary Map: The Board felt the majority of the criteria in Policy JC were met, however, they had concerns about two of the criteria; proximity to the school and transportation. They asked the Superintendent to study these two areas and come back with additional recommendations. The Superintendent will develop a process to address these concerns. 

Here is the full Superintendent's Recommendation:  Superintendent's High School Boundary Decision

Superintendent's High School Boundary Decision

The Superintendent has reviewed the HSBAC's recommendations. This review has included consultation with the District's Technical Team, the committee members, and review of public comment. The Superintendent has decided to accept the boundary map as recommended by the HSBAC. He has also decided to accept the majority of the committee's transition recommendations, with some amendments and additions. 

Read the Superintendent's High School Boundary Decision

NEW: High School Boundary Process: Superintendent's Recommendation Questions from School Board Members

The High School Boundary Committee completed its work on March 17, sending their final proposed boundary map and student transition recommendations to Superintendent Jeff Rose. Dr. Rose will be reviewing the recommendations over the next several weeks and accepting public comment prior to presenting his final recommendations to the School Board.

Public Comments
Superintendent Rose will read and consider all public comments received during April. However, he will not be able to respond to individual public comments. The District will provide updates via a variety of communication channels on the general themes of the comments being received.