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Class Ranking on Student Transcript

This fall the Beaverton School District will discontinue the practice of displaying a student's class rank on the school transcript. This includes both numerical rank and percentile rank. The change will not impact valedictorian or salutatorian selections at school sites. This recommendation was approved last spring as a part of the Beaverton School Board High School Boundary and Transition Recommendation.

Class ranking is admissions criteria for very specific, select college applications and scholarships. A large majority of applications students complete use several criteria for evaluation, including grades, completion of advanced courses, test scores, the rigor of their high school academic experience, personal essays, teacher/counselor recommendations, school and outside activities and volunteer contributions. Class rank is not the only type of evidence students rely on to demonstrate their potential to excel in a post-high school setting.

School counselors will have access to student class rankings and we understand there are circumstances where schools need to share this information on a student's behalf. When required for a scholarship or school application, students will be able to request, in writing, this information from their school counseling department. Each school will be formulating a procedure for access to this class rank information.

Please contact your school counselor if you have additional questions.