Middle School Boundary Adjustments


Due to the closure of the District for the remainder of the current school year, the Middle School Attendance Boundary (MSBA) advisory committee will not resume its meetings during the time of school building closure.  If reopening of school buildings is authorized by Governor Brown, the District will reconvene the MSBA advisory committee in August 2020.  The District will post notice of the next committee meeting at least ten (10) days prior to the committee meeting.  Opportunity to submit written comment will resume at the same time notice is posted.

The Beaverton School District is undertaking a comprehensive review of the existing attendance boundaries for the District's eight (8) middle schools. The last comprehensive review and update to the District’s middle school attendance boundaries was undertaken before the opening of Stoller Middle School in 1999. The District’s 2002 Facility Plan identified the need for up to two new middle schools north of Highway 26. The District acquired property at the former Teufel Nursery north of Barnes Road through the 2006 Capital Bond program. The District completed construction of the new middle school building (colloquially referred to as “Timberland”) in 2016 through the 2014 Capital Bond program.

Starting in August 2016, Timberland has been used as a “swing school” for the schools that have been displaced by reconstruction, funded by the 2014 Capital Bond program. Vose, Hazeldale, and William Walker Elementary Schools have each been located at Timberland. ACMA will be located there for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years. With the completion of the new ACMA building in Summer 2021, Timberland will be ready to open as a new middle school (and will receive an official name, as chosen by the School Board).
The Beaverton School District Board is committed to conducting a transparent and public process for this project. An advisory committee comprised of community members will be formed in Fall 2019. Starting in August 2019, interested persons can volunteer for the advisory committee by filing an application on the District's webpage. The advisory committee meetings will be open to the public at which time public testimony will be taken. It is anticipated that the advisory committee will hold its meetings at each of the existing middle schools at least once. The committee will start the public meeting process in October 2019 and meet twice a month into March 2020, at which time the committee will deliver its recommendation to the Superintendent.
It is anticipated that Superintendent Grotting will issue his decision on the middle school boundary adjustment project in May 2020. By issuing a decision in Spring 2020, the District will have one (1) full year of transition planning for all District departments and affected families.