Middle School Boundary FAQ'S

1.  When will Timberland actually be open to students as their middle school?   
August 2021

2.  What are the steps in this process?  Do you have dates for important meetings in the future we should know about?   
Please visit our website for all information pertaining to the Middle School Boundary Adjustment process.

3.  Will there be a grandfather clause so that students can stay and finish at the middle school they started at, so they don’t have to go to 4 different schools in just a few years?   
The Beaverton School District no longer uses the term “grandfathered.” We will be using the word “legacy” instead. The advisory committee will consider the issue of legacy students and make a recommendation to the superintendent.

4.  Will boundaries be drawn so that feeder schools all go to the same middle school, instead of being split up for middle school, then back together for high school?   
That is one issue/subject the committee will consider.

5.  What month / day will the new boundaries be announced?   
The advisory committee recommendation will be made the end of March or early April 2020.

6.  My son will be entering 7th grade in 2020. Would he be grandfathered in to finish 7th and 8th grade at his current school if it were to change?   
The transition plan and whether or not we will have legacy students will be evaluated by the advisory committee and a recommendation will be forwarded to the superintendent.

7.  Will the new boundary affect all middle school students or just the ones closest to the new school?   
The project is evaluating all middle school attendance boundaries.

8.  Will this change where Summa will be offered?   
There are no plans to change Summa.

9.  Will Summa be offered at Timberland?   
There is no plan to expand the Summa program to include the new middle school.

10.  Would any of the “option” middle schools be converted to regular middle schools?   

11.  Is the new MS slated to be an options school?   
No. It will be a comprehensive middle school.

12.  Will there be consideration for economic diversity at each school?   
Please see Board Policy JC for what factors go into adjusting school boundaries.

13.  Are the advisory committee meetings at the different middle schools open to the public?   

14.  What factors is the committee taking into consideration as they make decisions?  Of those factors, which ones are being prioritized?   
Please see School Board Policy JC for the factors.

15.  Are you taking into consideration changes in population due to developments or development potential? Are you considering safety routes to schools?   
Please see School Board Policy JC for the factors in determining attendance boundary adjustments.

16.  Will the change of middle school boundaries affect the current high school boundaries?
School Board direction to the committee is to look at HS boundaries only if minor adjustments would make sense for any of the factors in Policy JC. Moving large areas from one HS boundary to another is not an available option to the advisory committee.

17.  Is there a “working draft” boundary map to view?
No. The advisory committee will start with the existing boundaries.

18.  Will the new boundary go into effect for the 20-21 school year or the 21-22 school year.
The school will open as a new middle school in the fall of 2021, so the 21-22 school year.