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Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) is a group of community members who will advise the superintendent on long-range facilities plans, facility condition assessments and future bond planning. The committee will provide consensus recommendations but will not make decisions concerning district facilities and related subjects.

The committee may discuss topics, like:

  • The capacity, condition and utilization of district facilities.
  • Planning for future facilities.
  • Enrollment trends and their impact on district facilities.

The committee will offer input on district facilities plans and studies, including:

  • Long-range facilities plans.
  • Future bond planning.
  • District education specifications.
  • District facility condition assessments.
  • Other facility studies and plans, as needed.

The seven to 10-member committee should represent a cross section of the community: community advocates, business community members, parents and representatives of partner agencies. Members will be appointed by the superintendent to a mix of two- or three-year terms. As members’ terms expire, new appointments will be made for three-year terms.

The committee will meet on a regular basis, beginning in January 2024. Meetings will be in-person at the District Administrative Office. 

Candidate qualifications include:

  • Commitment to sustained volunteer engagement.
  • Good reputation in the community for fairness and transparency.
  • May not be a district employee or School Board member, vendor, contractor or consultant for the district.

Individuals interested in applying should submit an online application and attach a brief resume (including employment, community organizations to which the applicant may belong, and other committees to which the applicant may have participated) by November 30 by 4 p.m.