Facility Use

Kathy Gray and Jolyn Iboy

Community Access to Outdoor Facilities During In-Person Instruction and Summer School

Please know that during our in-person hybrid and summer school instruction time our outdoor school facilities — playgrounds, fields, tracks and paths — will be closed to the general public for the safety of our students and staff. For schools with daycare programs, their outdoor facilities will be closed to the general public until at least 6 pm every weekday.

Families are welcome to use playgrounds, fields, tracks, and paths after in-person instruction and summer school and do so at their own risk. Please note that playground equipment will not be sanitized by school staff. Playground visitors are recommended to take precautions for health and safety.  Please be mindful and respectful to staff that continue to work in the buildings.

If you are looking for an on-leash or off-leash dog park, THPRD has many options. You may find a list here:

Turf fields and stadiums remain closed for any community use. Our tennis courts are not open for use during school hours when campus is closed. THPRD has many tennis courts and a list can be found here:

Community Use of Beaverton Schools District Facilities

When space is available, individuals and community members may apply to reserve District facilities. The requested times may not interfere with the Beaverton School District instructional programs, student athletics or activities and school-related groups.

Beaverton School District is now accepting online Facility Use requests for rental of covered play areas and grass fields for limited summer use. The District's indoor facilities (gymnasiums, cafeterias, common areas, classrooms, etc.) are not available to use or rent at this time. There will be no rentals during school hours, including summer school. Please contact Facility Use for more information on available sites or possible outdoor rental this summer.

Reservations for the Fall term, beginning October 1, will be accepted beginning 8/1/21. We do not have rentals available during September or June due to school sponsored events.

All facility use is reserved on our online reservation system. Click on the Community User button and follow the instructions in the upper right hand corner. Once you become a Community User, you may apply to use our facilities.

After School Enrichment:

Programs will run from October 1st to May 31st. Reservations for the fall term will be accepted beginning 7/15/21.

The school year will be divided into three terms and you will reserve use by term:

    • Fall - October through December
    • Winter - January through March
    • Spring - April through May
  • All events must end by 4pm.

District Closures: When the District is closed for inclement weather, ALL facility use is cancelled.


Questions regarding fees, invoices, online payments, policy and procedural issues should be directed to the Facility Use Team at 503.356.4619 or