Facility Rental Classifications


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  Rental fees apply

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  Insurance required 

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 Terms determined by contract or agreement 

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Fees may be charged for personnel such as custodial staff, monitors, security, kitchen use, technology, and/or equipment usage 

Facility Use Fee Schedule

Personnel Rates

Auditorium/Theater Manager: TBD
Computer Tech: TBD
Custodian: $60/hr
Monitor: $30/hr
Kitchen Manager/Food Service Worker: $51/hr

Please note: Beaverton School District does not rent out science labs, home ec labs, or computer labs. All room charges are per quarter hour and do not include use of any school property such as microphones and projectors.

*DAILY maximum charge will be 10 hours of use

All grass fields at all grade levels are closed November 1st through March 1st for rest and recovery.