1. Submit your application as soon as possible. Don't worry if you don't have all the details

  2. You don't have to know how to manage a project...we are here to help!

  3. If you are at a High School and this improvement relates to a sport, check with your Athletic Director about Title IX


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can District crews do the work if we pay for it?

Depending on the nature of the work and required timeline, this may be possible. Your district coordinator will help research this possibility.

2.     Are there any types of projects that will automatically be disapproved?

No. All projects will be reviewed for their site feasibility.

2.      How long will it be before I have an assigned project coordinator?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the number of projects already in the queue,​ and the current workload of the project coordination staff, it could be several months before a coordinator is assigned to your project.

3.     Why does a coordinator need to be involved in my project?

The district coordinator will be able to help you with calling for utility locates, permitting, land use applications, asbestos testing and other requirements as needed. Also, your coordinator can act as a liaison in the event that your project impacts neighboring THPRD facilities or there are Title IX implications. They are also responsible for collecting volunteer release forms, and helping to coordinate funding. The coordinator will process needed contracts, and maintain project files for District archives. Your assigned districtcoordinator will need take a more pro-active role in the larger, more detailed projects.

Please note: For projects over $10,000, IDENTICAL quotes must be obtained from at least three (3) contractors. Your district coordinator will assist in getting necessary quotes.

4.     What about insurance for volunteers and contractors?

Beaverton School District does not extend insurance coverage for volunteers, including worker'compensation. Make 
sure youvolunteers know they will need to use their personal insurance coverage if necessary. A hold harmless agreement will be provided to you. Make as many copies as necessary and have all volunteers sign and return the form to your district coordinator.

If hiring a contractor, the District requires proof of insurance and this will be verified by your coordinator during contracting. They must also be licensed and bonded. This requirement helps protect you, the project, and the District.

5.     Will my project need inspecting and by whom?

Yes.  Once the project is accepted by the Beaverton School District, it becomes part of the school facility. Iapplicable, at that timyou may be asked to supply as-built drawings for the District's archive.