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Garden Box Guidelines


Thank you for submitting your FIP application for building garden boxes at your site. The following guidelines will help you to plan, build, and maintain your garden boxes.



1. The maximum number of boxes at one site is five (5).
2. Provide a list of materials to be used to build the boxes. a. Preferred materials include cedar sideboards and cedar 4 x 4 posts, carriage bolts with washers and nuts, mesh hardware cloth, soil mix
3. Maximum size of box: 4’ x 8’
4. Provide a list of plants to be used. Contact your assigned BSD Project Coordinator for the list of restricted plants.
5. A perimeter of 3’ around each garden box and all areas in between boxes must be void of all live vegetation. Use landscape fabric and wood chips to fill these areas. Maintenance Services will not be responsible for these areas.
6. The application of pesticides on District property is reserved for BSD Maintenance Services personnel only. Application by other parties is prohibited.
7. Utility locates must be identified prior to any digging. FIP applicant is responsible for contacting a company to do this ( BSD does not have the funding to provide this service for your project.
8. Follow all BSD policies regarding background checks for any contractor or volunteer who will be on school property when students are present.
9. All volunteers must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement that is located in your FIP application packet.
10. ADA accessibility should be considered to allow for participation by students, staff, and community members with disabilities. Contact your assigned Project Coordinator for more information.


Your maintenance agreement must include statements that address the following:

1. Identify the organization that will commit to maintaining the garden boxes. This should be an established organization, non-profit or business, that has continuity beyond an individual (teacher or parent).
2. Identify the number of years the organization commits to maintaining the garden boxes. Minimum is five (5) years.
3. Identify the schedule of maintenance. Four (4) times per year is recommended with two (2) times per year as a minimum. 
4. Identify how the organization will maintain the garden. Examples include, but are not limited to, parent/student/volunteer work parties and outside landscape vendor.
5. Acknowledge adherence to these guidelines, your watering plan, and your maintenance plan.
6. Include a statement acknowledging that the organization will notify BSD if it is unable to maintain the garden boxes.
7. Include a statement that the organization will correct any safety issues in a timely manner.
8. Include a statement acknowledging the Non-Maintenance Grace Period and Removal of Garden Boxes section of these guidelines.
Print names, sign, and date your maintenance agreement. Signatures must include the building’s administrator (i.e., school’s principal) and the CIP applicant. A sample agreement is included at the end of this document.


In the event there is evidence of non-maintenance (overgrown weeds, dead plants, broken boxes, etc.); BSD shall notify the school of such. A grace period of one (1) year will be set forth in order to correct any deficiencies. If no improvements have been made and the grace period has expired, BSD will remove the garden boxes and dispose of all debris.

Your Project Coordinator will schedule a final inspection upon completion of your garden boxes. Being in close communication with your assigned Project Coordinator can greatly assist in producing a successful project! 



The following statements are examples of what you may include in your maintenance agreement. Feel free to copy and use these.

• The (name of organization) commits to the maintenance of the garden boxes at (location) for a minimum of four times per year through the current school year 2014-15. Maintenance will continue for five years thereafter using student and parent work parties.

• We will adhere to the attached watering and maintenance plans that have been developed and agreed upon.

• We acknowledge BSD’s restriction on the use of pesticides and will replace dead plants at our own expense.

• We will notify BSD if we are no longer capable of maintaining the garden boxes and, if requested by BSD, will remove any and all remaining garden boxes and their contents and restore the area to its original condition at our own expense.

• We will correct any safety issues, as brought to our attention by BSD, in a timely manner and at our own expense.


Principal Print Name Signature Date

FIP Applicant Print Name Signature Date