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Meal Benefits

Applying Online:

Click on the Apply Online button below or download the SchoolCafe mobile app to complete and submit an application.

Apply Online

Applying online is the fastest way to be approved for benefits!  Follow this two step process with School Cafe:

  1. Create a School Cafe Account. You can use this account each school year to submit an online meal application.

  2. Complete and submit the online application.

School Cafe allows you to check the status of the application and even print out the approval/denial letter.

Oregon EIG eligibility will not show up in School Cafe. Application status in School Cafe will continue to say "Denied," even if your family qualifies for Meal Benefits under Oregon EIG. You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail if your family qualifies under Federal (free or reduced) or State (EIG) income guidelines. 

Meal Benefits Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)