Here at the Beaverton School District we are striving to increase the sustainability of our program.

We do this by implementing practices to reduce our waste, and increase our responsible usage of food resources.


Food Donation

Food Donation Program

 The Beaverton School District Nutrition Services Department, Food Donation Program seeks to contribute to the goal of reducing hunger and waste in the Portland Metro Region by coordinating food donation pickups each week. Donations are delivered to agencies including: The Sunshine Pantry, Rock Creek Church Pantry, Westside Food Brigade, Good Neighbor Shelter, Community Action Shelter, Urban Gleaners, and Birch Community Services.

The Food Donation program ensures that wholesome edible leftover food goes to people in need instead of landing in the trash. Since January, 2017, Waste Not Food Taxi has coordinated volunteer drivers and pickups for school kitchen donations. 

Food rescue agencies maintain well-defined protocols for ensuring the safe and efficient collection and distribution of donated food. Donation is safe, simple and the right thing to do. Packaged and whole food is delivered to local pantries for distribution to people in need.  Pantries that receive school food donations are nonprofit organizations, donating food is free from liability under the federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act

If you are interested in volunteering your time to this program and are a registered volunteer for Beaverton School District, please send an email to

To register as a BSD volunteer, click on the link below and complete a background check and a volunteer profile.

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Sunshine Pantry

Westside Food Brigade

Rock Creek Church

Birch Community Services

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