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Wellness Information

District Wellness Policy

The Wellness Policy can found in Section E of the Beaverton School District's Policies and Regulations.

BSD Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy Committee

The mission of the Wellness Policy Committee is to provide engagement around the District's Wellness Policy. Under the direction of the Administrator of Nutrition Services, the Committee will provide consensus recommendations.

The seven to 10-member committee may be comprised of the following school district stakeholders: staff (including, but not limited to, physical education and school health professionals), students, parents, the public, the Board, school administrators, representatives of the school food authority and public health professionals. 

The committee may discuss topics, like:

  • How new federal and state guidance and standards impact the Wellness Policy.
  • The Triennial Progress Assessment results.
  • How wellness goals are met and what may need revision.
  • Help identify possible community partners that provide programs, services and/or resources to compliment and enrich employee wellness endeavors.
  • What wellness activities could be integrated throughout the entire school environment, outside of the cafeteria. 

The committee will meet on a regular basis, beginning in January 2024. Meetings will be held via Zoom. 

Candidate qualifications include:

  • Commitment to sustained volunteer engagement.
  • Good reputation in the community for fairness and transparency.

Individuals interested in applying should submit an online application by December 15, 2023 by 4 p.m.


Triennial Wellness Assessment Report

Additional Wellness Resources