In our effort to be fully transparent, the Beaverton School District is publishing data on reported positive or presumptive COVID-19 cases (isolations) and quarantines for students. In addition, BSD is publishing data on reported positive or presumptive COVID-19 cases (isolations) for staff. This data is collected by our school nurses and health assistants with help from the Washington County Public Health Department. To protect the privacy of those involved, no names or grade level information will be released. 

This information is as real-time as possible; it will be updated eight times a day. Please note, our nurses' and health assistants' primary responsibility is to identify positive or presumptive cases, track close contacts and communicate with affected families. Those processes takes time. For that reason, staff are given 48 hours to input data. That means day-of data on this dashboard may be incomplete. The most complete data will be two days old. Also know that data may be updated at a later date. With more than 40,000 students and 4,500 staff members in BSD, the data is fluid. However, we believe this dashboard is a much better representation of current COVID-19 conditions compared to the previous dashboard that reported Oregon Health Authority (OHA) data on a one- to two-week lag.


  • Positive COVID-19 Case: Person with COVID-19 who has a confirmed positive result.
  • Presumptive COVID-19 Case: Person with at least two of the following COVID-19 symptoms: shortness of breath, cough, fever, new loss of smell or taste; has not had a positive COVID-19 viral test; AND had close contact with a confirmed case in the past 14 days.
  • Isolation: Time that a person with a positive or presumptive COVID-19 case must stay at home; 10 days from the onset of symptoms. Please know that this number also includes a person who may be experiencing a primary COVID-19 symptom (e.g. coughing, fever) and is sent home from school/doesn't come to school. In that case, a person can later test for COVID-19, and if it's negative, the person can return to school. For that reason, the isolation counts can overrepresent actual COVID-19 positive cases in a school.
  • Quarantine: Time that a person who had close contact with a positive or presumptive COVID-19 case must stay at home; at least 10 days from the last exposure or longer if directed by the Washington County Public Health Department.
  • Close Contact: Someone who was 
    • less than 6 feet distance for 15 minutes or longer in 24-hour period for adult-to-adult, adult-to-student and student-to-student in non-instructional areas (cafeteria, recess, bus) and student-to-student without correct and consistent mask use
    • less than 3 feet distance for 15 minutes or longer in 24-hour period for student-to-student in instructional areas (classrooms, indoor/outdoor PE, indoor/outdoor music) 

To view data over time for a particular school, click on that school's name. (Note: At the secondary level, "classes" refer to class periods when referencing quarantines.)