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 It seems clear that we will need to reduce the number of students in hallways, cafeterias and most classrooms at any given time. Can a system like a rotating schedule where students attend physically for a week and learn from home another week be implemented?

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A friend of mine in a suburb of Seattle has told me that in their HS, students who pass get an automatic A. So there will definitely be grade inflation there. This comes into play when students apply for colleges (especially top tier ones that are hard to get into) and scholarships. My question is there any national plan or process for school administrators and states’ Dept. of Education to coordinate and collaborate?

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My question is what is BSD going to do between now and  September to prepare for students to return to school safely, amid COVID, as there will not be a vaccine yet. I am wondering what steps are being taken so that students can go to in person school in September, but remain safe from having another spike in COVID cases...?

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My son’s experience in 9th grade at Sunset is that there’s a lot of self study going on. Meaning no zoom instructional sessions during designated time and some materials were sent over for students to study. Why is this? Shouldn’t the teachers be on Zoom live at designated time? If not, how can BSD make sure students understand the materials the way they should and have good foundation for the years to come?

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What is the possibility of high school students being able to choose to receive their grade instead of the Pass/Fail. With the current petition going is there still a chance for this to happen?

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Is summer school an option? My kindergartener is NOT going to be ready for 1st grade, flat out. He was already behind. What ideas are being floated for our emerging readers who are not getting in person instruction that is critical to learning how to read and write?

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How is the district supporting  their  staff?  Especially  those  with  school  age children. Also are classified staff receiving their full salaries despite having their work year cut short?

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How are the teaching expectations being consistent across the district? I have a student at Conestoga, have spoken with parents at ACMA, it seems that the "teacher directed learning" part of the education is very different.

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Given equity differences across the district, some classes have near 100% participation with Zoom and lessons to others with less than 33%. Will elementary students be graded similarly to HS/MS with the Pass/Fail?

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Will the district be providing any on-going distance learning opportunities throughout the summer to help get kids up to where they should be next fall?

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We don't understand how grading will work. Do high school kids get to choose a P/NP grade or a letter grade? Will this term count in their total GPA ?

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The district-directed curriculum videos are hosted by unknown teachers. On top of this, these videos and district-wide instruction are not meeting our children where they are, unlike the personalized instruction provided by our specific teacher who knows our children. Are these district videos the bulk of the remote learning  moving forward?

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I didn't see anything in the new budget on MYP and PYP. Please explain what happens to these programs, which schools will get them and when?

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