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Standard Response Protocol


Creating a safer school climate for our students is our top priority. A critical factor in creating a safer environment is classroom response to an incident at school.  In partnership with first responders, we plan and train for weather events, fire, accidents, intruders and other threats. 

The Beaverton School District, in collaboration with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), Beaverton Police (BPD) and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVFR), has implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  

The SRP is not based on one individual scenario but on the response to any given scenario. It uses the same standard language as all first responders use. The protocol allows for a predictable series of actions as an unpredictable event unfolds.

The SRP is based upon four actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. Each has specific staff and student directives that are unique to the action. 



Hold means staff and students need to clear the hallways and remain in their area or room until the "all clear" is announced.  During a hold, doors are closed and locked, students are accounted for, and it's business as usual inside the area or room. If the students are outdoors, they remain outside until the "all clear" is announced or they're brought to a clear location until they're able to return to their classroom.



Secure means there is a possible threat outside the school. Most often, this is due to police activity in the area. Police might be searching for a suspect in a crime, or someone might have spotted a person wanted for questioning. During a secure, it's business as usual inside the school. If students are at recess or outside for some reason, they're brought inside, doors are locked, and classes continue. 



Lockdown means there's a possible threat inside the school. This is not business as usual. Hallways are cleared, classroom and office doors are locked, and lights are turned out. Students and staff are instructed to stay quiet and out of sight. 

All of our schools can be put in secure or lockdown at the touch of a button. A message with instructions will then play over the school's intercom system. 

During a secure or lockdown, do not call or go to the school. Doing so could put you or others in danger. Do not call or text your student’s cell phone. This may put them in danger. The District will communicate with you once we have more information to share. Reliable information and updates can be viewed on the school and district webpages. If further action is needed from parents/guardians, the District will communicate instructions via the district webpage and ParentSquare. ​