Trespass and Appeal Processes

The District recognizes that maintaining an academic environment free from harmful, unlawful, harassing and/or disruptive behavior is essential to the safe operation of our schools. From time to time individual’s actions may create a challenge to this safe environment. In those instances, the District may issue a trespass notice which would serve to ban or exclude the individual from District property. See Board Policy KGB.

In most circumstances individuals will be warned when their behavior is disrupting the educational environment, though some actions can result in an immediate trespass. If you have received notice of trespass from the Office of Public Safety, you may appeal by putting this request in writing to the Deputy Superintendent for Operations and Support Services. This request should explain why the trespass notice should be revoked. The appeal must be mailed within five (5) calendar days of receipt of the trespass notice. The Deputy Superintendent or designee will appoint a hearing officer who will review the appeal request, together with the original trespass notice, and make a determination. The hearing officer will respond in writing to all the parties with his/her decision to uphold, modify, or rescind the trespass notice within 10 days of his/her appointment.