Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

The Beaverton School District is committed to environmental health and safety. OAR 581-022-2223 requires school districts in Oregon to develop a Healthy and Safe Schools Plan. The plan includes information on how the District manages lead in drinking water, lead based paint, asbestos, radon, integrated pest management, and carbon monoxide.

Person Responsible

The person responsible for administering and implementing the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan:

Karl Granlund
Administrator for Risk Management


All facilities owned and leased by Beaverton School District where students or staff are present on a regular basis are covered by this HASS Plan.

Elementary Schools

Aloha Huber K-8
Beaver Acres
Bonny Slope
Cedar Mill
Cooper Mountain
Errol Hassell
Fir Grove
Jacob Wismer
Nancy Ryles
Oak Hills
Raleigh Hills K-8
Raleigh Park
Rock Creek
Scholls Heights
Sexton Mountain
Springville K-8
Terra Linda
West T.V.
William Walker

Middle Schools

Cedar Park
Five Oaks
Highland Park
Meadow Park
Mountain View

High Schools


Option Schools

Health and Science/SST
International School of Beaverton
Merlo Campus
Terra Nova

Other Facilities

Administration Center/Facilities
Capital Center
Special Education - Aloha Office
Transportation Support Center
Transportation Allen Center
Transportation 5th Street - North
Transportation 5th Street - South

Leased Property

Help Center

Testing Results

Beaverton School District is complying with the requirement to provide access to test results, as defined by OAR 581-022-2223 within 10 business days as defined by ORS 332-334. Test results can be found on the Distrct website. Additionally, copies of all test results can be available at Beaverton School District’s administration office. Beaverton School District will also alert members of its communities as to where they can access test results using current district email lists and programs. Please contact appropriate district personnel to be added to current district email lists and programs.

Questions or Data Request

Questions can be directed to:

Kathryn Ewing
Environmental Health Specialist



Lead in Drinking Water

All school districts, education service districts, and public charter schools are required to test for and eliminate exposure to elevated levels of lead in water used for Drinking and Food Preparation through either remediation or eliminating access, according to OAR 333-061-0400 and OAR 581-022-2223. In conformance with those administrative rules, Beaverton School District certifies the following:

  1. Testing will be done according to the testing requirements in OAR 333-061-0400;
  2. Samples will be analyzed by a lab accredited by Oregon Health Authority to test for those materials;
  3. Water fixtures required to be tested under OAR 333-061-0400 will be tested for elevated levels of lead in accordance with the testing schedule developed by the Oregon Health Authority;
  4. The testing schedule for each building covered by this plan is provided below:

Six Year Sampling Schedule (Year Denotes District Fiscal Year)


Elmonica Elementary School
Errol Hassell Elementary School
Findley Elementary School
Fir Grove Elementary School
Greenway Elementary School
Cooper Mountain Elementary School
Merlo Campus
Cedar Park Middle School
Conestoga Middle School
Aloha High School


Hiteon Elementary School
Raleigh Hills K-8 
McKinley Elementary School
Montclair Elementary School
McKay Elementary School
Barnes Elementary School
Stoller Middle School
Beaverton High School
Help Center
Transportation Allen Center


Rock Creek Elementary School
Raleigh Park Elementary School
Kinnaman Elementary School
Bethany Elementary School
Vose Elementary School
Terra Linda Elementary School
Beaver Acres Elementary School
Mountain View Middle School
Five Oaks Middle School
Westview High School
Transportation Support Center


Oak Hills Elementary School
Scholls Heights Elementary School
Sexton Mountain Elementary School
Springville K-8 Elementary School
Chehalem Elementary School
Whitford Elementary School
Meadow Park Middle School
Sunset High School
Transportation 5th Street - North
Transportation 5th Street - South


Nancy Ryles Elementary School
Health and Science/SST
Capital Center
Aloha-Huber Park K-8
Highland Park Middle School
Southridge High School
Administration Center/Facilities
International School of Beaverton
Special Education - Aloha Office


Sato Elementary School
West T.V. Elementary School
Jacob Wismer Elementary School
Bonny Slope Elementary School
Cedar Mill Elementary School
William Walker Elementary School
Hazeldale Elementary School
Ridgewood Elementary School
Terra Nova
Mountainside High School

Drinking Water

Lead Paint

In order to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule, District staff are certified by the Oregon Health Authority to perform the work and the District will contract with certified lead-based paint renovation contractors licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board as needed.


Beaverton School District complies with the federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). All required asbestos management plans are available for viewing by submitting a request to the Local Education Agency (LEA) Designated Person: 
Andrea Radona

Asbestos Webpage



Beaverton School District has developed a radon plan as required by ORS 332.167.

The Beaverton School District's comprehensive Radon Program outlines our approach to identifying and minimizing radon risk over the next five years.  The program was submitted to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) in August 2016, and conforms to the requirements of ORS 332.166-167 to conduct radon sampling in all schools and support facilities in all frequently occupied spaces in contact with the soil or located above a basement or a crawlspace by January 1, 2021.

Integrated Pest Management

Beaverton School District has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan as required by ORS 634.700 through 634.750. 
The persons designated as the IPM Coordinators:
Zachary Berger and Richard Clark

IPM Webpage

Carbon Monoxide

Beaverton School District certifies that all buildings subject to the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan comply with the carbon monoxide detection standards in the state building code that was in effect when the building was originally constructed or as required by building code due to addition, upgrade, or remodel.