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Carnivals - End of Year Celebrations - Event Guidelines

Graphic of carnival tent with words, back to school events, carnivals, end of year celebrations and other on property events.

The following is an outline of requirements that must be followed whether is is a Parent Group or School Employee renting amusements and inviting vendors for events to be held on Beaverton School District property.

All vendors must meet District Insurance requirements at least one week prior to the event. These requirements can be found in the "Insurance Requirements" tab under Certificate of Insurance Requirements - Basic.

Inflatable Amusements (bounce house, slides, obstacle course, etc.)
The US Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that an estimated 113,272 injuries requiring treatment at an emergency department occurred on inflatables in the United States between 2003 and 2013. Our goal is to keep kids safe and whole - it won't be a fun event if students are injured.

Keep your event pumped by following these requirements!

Inflatable Vendor
  • Confirm vendors insurance is current and on file with Risk Management (503) 356-4560.
  • Inflatable company employees must unload, set up and take down the equipment.
  • An employee, from the inflatable company MUST be present for the duration of your event.
  • Volunteers who are supervising inflatables must meet the Supervision Rules for Amusements section below.
  • Inflatables may NOT be used indoors, on concrete, asphalt or like surfaces.
  • NO residential inflatables are allowed, only rented amusements.
Supervision Rules for Amusements
Constant and proper supervision of inflatables is paramount in providing a safe event.
  • It is MANDATORY that an Employee from the Inflatable Company be present for the duration of your event to ensure amusements are properly functioning and supervision is adequate.
  • Volunteer supervisors must be trained by the inflatable company employee.
  • Volunteers supervising the inflatables must understand the safety rules for the event and must be willing to ENFORCE the rules with students.
  • It is specifically important to enforce no horseplay and no overcrowding. Allowing too many students on an amusement at the same time WILL cause injury.
Most Common Amusement Problems that lead to Injuries
  • Rides set up on concrete or asphalt can result in serious injuries if a fall or tip-over occurs.
  • Rides not secured properly have been known to be picked up by wind or tip over.
  • Improper use - too many children can cause a ride to tip, even if it is staked. Size disparity among children and poor supervision has caused injury to students and CAN be avoided.
  • If a blower fails, it can take only a few seconds for the ride to collapse.
Dunk Tank
May be used provided the following rules are followed.
  • Confirm vendors insurance is current and on file with Risk Management (503) 356-4560.
  • Vendor must provide an employee to operate the Dunk Tank - in  addition to the vendors staffing of inflatables.
  • Only District staff members are allowed in the dunk tank - NO STUDENTS!
  • Dunk Tanks CANNOT but used indoors.
  • Use of outside water spigot only.

Banned Amusements
Mechanical Bull   *   Bubble Soccer   *   Jousting  *  Climbing and Rock Walls  *  Archery Hover Ball   *   Slip 'n Slide

Home prepared food is not permitted at any School or Parent Group event.  The following applies when hiring food vendors;

  • Confirm vendors insurance is current and on file with Risk Management.
  • Only commercially prepared food permitted at School and Parent Group events.
  • Those serving food must follow all Health Department regulations including:
    • Food Handlers
    • Temporary Restaurant License

DJ's   *   Concession   *   Photographer   *   Inflatable   *   Food Vendor
A vendor is anyone doing business or providing a service on District property. Confirm all vendors have met District insurance requirements by calling Risk Management (503) 356-4560.

Bingo   *   50/50   *   Raffle   *   Casino Night
Be certain you are following Department of Justice regulations concerning Charitable Gaming:

Movie Night
Public performances of motion pictures and other audiovisual works are illegal unless they have been authorized by license.  Even "performances in 'semi-public' places such as SCHOOLS are 'public performances' subject to copyright control." 

Both for-profit organizations and non-profit institutions must secure a license to show films/movies, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged. Movies cannot be shown outside and admission cannot be charged.

Non-compliance with the Copyright Act is considered infringement and carries steep and significant penalties for both the exhibitor and anyone that contributes to the infringing conduct. Unlicensed public performances are Federal crimes and can be subject to a $150,000 penalty per exhibition and other penalties.