Come and Volunteer! 

Become a part of the volunteer community bringing art to Beaverton School District classrooms.

Please consider becoming an Art Literacy Volunteer. There is no cost to you and all materials and training are provided by school Art Literacy Coordinators. Several of our schools need volunteers to present lessons or assist in classrooms. 

You do not need to be a parent of a student to participate! Contact Cathy Lamb at for information. Thank you for your interest in the Beaverton Art Literacy program.

Art Literacy lessons are presented six times a year at the elementary level, from October to June, and three times a year at the middle schools, during regular school hours. 

If you are a Community Volunteer, you are assigned a classroom at a school where there is a need. You may present the lessons/art projects to the students, or choose to act as an assistant to the presenter.

This is an opportunity for those who enjoy working with students in a teacher-like role. The classroom teacher remains with the class, but you are presenting or assisting with the lesson.

Art Literacy volunteers need to attend a training meeting before each classroom presentation. The times and days for these are different at each school

At the training, volunteers receive a copy of the lesson they will be teaching. The Art Literacy coordinator will present the lesson/artist overview, the focus of the lesson, and then will teach the lesson as if in a classroom setting. The art project the students will be completing is demonstrated and explained. You, too, will complete the art project, so you will know how to best teach the students.  All of the art supplies are provided by each school program.

Classroom assignments for volunteers are made at the beginning of the school year, and the presentations are scheduled with the teacher, by you or the coordinator, to take place during regular school hours.

The artists that are presented during the year are pre-selected according to a district-widerotation that includes a painting, non-painting, 20th century artist, woman, minority or regional artist, as well as introducing art from another culture.

The middle school program varies slightly in that generally there are only three presentations each year, one each trimester. 

You can see the rotations and a schedule of the artists month by month by looking at the Box Rotation section on this website.

Each year the rotation adjusts to bring a new set of artist lessons to the students.

Generally, each classroom lesson and art project takes a little over an hour. Total time commitment for each lesson is about three and a half hours, which includes training, classroom time, preparation and clean up. 

Teaching Art Literacy is an extremely rewarding volunteer opportunity for both the volunteer and the students.

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Art Literacy program in the Beaverton School District, please contact Cathy Lamb at Thank you for volunteering in Beaverton Schools!

The Beaverton School District requires ALL volunteers to fill out and pass an online background check. Volunteers will also need to create a Volunteer Profile Account for signing in prior to volunteering in any school.