New AVID Logo

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a schoolwide approach to curriculum and rigor that works to improve the instruction, systems, leadership and culture on campus to prepare all students for college and career readiness. Each secondary school in the district has an AVID Site Team and an AVID Coordinator that work to implement and refine instructional practices and support access and opportunity for all students. In addition, schools offer an AVID elective class, a targeted approach meant to close the opportunity gap by supporting students who may identify as first generation college goers, from an underrepresented group on college campuses, who qualify as economically underserved, and/or students who have special circumstances. Students apply and interview for the AVID Elective class which takes place during the school day as one of their year-long elective options.

For more information, contact the AVID Coordinator at each site.

  • Aloha High School: Martina Pedersen
  • Arts & Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA): Geoffrey Hunnicutt
  • Beaverton Academy of Science & Engineering (BASE): Christine Muggli
  • Beaverton High School: Liz Perez Diaz and Laura Holguin 
  • Cedar Park Middle School: Kathleen Pearson
  • Conestoga Middle School: Amanda Harris
  • Five Oaks Middle School: Jamie Cooper
  • FLEX Online School: Krystal Wilson
  • Highland Park Middle School: Julie Fairman and Kimberly Stutevoss
  • International School of Beaverton (ISB): Tracy Muilenberg
  • Meadow Park Middle School: Selina Semon
  • Merlo Station Community School: Peggy Delay 
  • Mountainside High School: Megan Schmidt
  • Mountain View Middle School: Lea Molczan
  • Southridge High School: Chris Martin
  • Stoller Middle School: Lisa Ezell-Pattillo
  • Sunset High School: Jill Goodwin and Lindsey Mockel
  • Tumwater Middle School: Tiffany Lace 
  • Westview High School: Michael Wolf
  • Whitford Middle School: Savannah Melton