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girl uses clamps and wood glue
student shows student-run BHS Instagram account on her phone
girl uses wood glue on project
two boys use a flashlight to look under the hood of a car
two girls deliver school news on camera
one student checks another student's abdomen while he lies in a bed
girls make tamales
high school girl and two boys play with toys on the carpet
girl working espresso machine at student store
girl student works on computer in computer lab
boy welding
student weeds garden accompanied by some chickens

What is CTE? 

CTE programs engage every student in high-quality, rigorous, and relevant classes, designed to help students to turn their passions into paychecks and their dreams into careers. CTE programs partner with local businesses and industry to create opportunities that promote creativity, innovation, leadership, and are relevant to the job markets of today. Click here to learn more. 


District Wide Programs

These programs of study are open to students enrolled at any Beaverton School District high school. Transportation is provided from your home high school to each site. 

two boys use a flashlight to look under the hood of a car

Automotive Technology

girl using a saw

Construction Technology

student putting splint on another student's finger

Health Careers

several students gardening

Sustainable Agriculture

boy welding


School CTE Programs