Film & Video Production

Aloha High School

"Thank you for giving me the best outlet of creativity and for teaching me the express myself in a new way. Also, thank you for teaching me how to edit videos properly."

-AHS Student

girl works on editing sound of video on computer

Are you interested in...

  • Filming and editing video 
  • Creating content for the web 
  • Combining creativity and technology
  • Working in television or film
Teacher points at large TV screen

In this program you'll...

  • Explore software and equipment needed to create, edit, and  produce media
  • Demonstrate project management to create projects that meet customer requirements
  • Learn and apply the principles of design
  • Practice teamwork, communication, and other professional work

Course Offerings

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Possibilities After Graduation

Interested in what kind of training might come after high school? Want to know specific incomes for the state of Oregon? Click the photo below or here for Oregon Career Explorer.

three photos showcasing different jobs in the industry, income ranges from $41-71,000 annually