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Beaverton High School

"I have loved being in Health Careers. You have impacted my life for the better and have helped me to succeed in ways I didn't think I could."

-BHS Student

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Are you interested in...

  • Caring for patients
  • Working as a team to provide quality health care
  • Exploring a variety of healthcare related careers
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In this program you'll...

  • Explore the human body, diseases, prevention, and treatment
  • Practice proper patient care
  • Measure vital signs and obtain certifications in CPR, AED, FBAO, and first aid
  • Understand how to interact with patients and families
  • Communicate health information accurately and professionally
  • Adhere to safety, privacy, legal, and ethical practices essential in a healthcare workplace


Course Offerings

Click on each tab to see what courses are offered for students at each grade level. 

Introductory Courses

Intro to Health Careers 

The focus of this course is to introduce Health Careers to Intermediate or higher ELD students in preparation for taking Health Careers courses. Students need to be motivated with an interest in pursuing a health career after high school. This course includes an introduction to the human body, health care guest speakers and an emphasis on study skills and language acquisition.

  • 1.0 Credit (2 semesters)
  • 10-12 grade
  • BHS students only

Health Careers 1

This full year introductory course is for the student who has an interest in exploring or pursuing a career in health services. Students will learn core knowledge and skills common to major health careers. Areas of emphasis are medical terminology, medical ethics, safety in health care, career exploration, self-assessment portfolios, and some basic health care skills. Students will be involved in community health projects such as elementary school health screenings, blood drives and other related community experience. These students have the opportunity to be involved with Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), a pre-professional organization of potential health care workers. The Red Cross course, Responding to Emergencies is part of the curriculum in which students will explore and demonstrate basic first aid, first aid in remote settings, healthcare professional CPR for adult, child and infant, and educational training in Automated External Defibrillation (AED).

  • 1.0 Credit (2 semesters)
  • 10-12 grade
  • Open to all BSD students

How to enroll

Advanced Courses

Human Anatomy and Physiology

This year-long class specializes in the study of the human body. Exercises include the identification of the cells and tissues and the body systems (skin, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary) as well as investigations in how those systems function. Lecture and discussions are complemented by labs involving microscopic studies, hands on discovery labs and some dissections. This class is for any junior or senior interested in the science of the human body; it also fulfills the science prerequisite to be accepted into Advanced Health Careers. This science course is not a requirement for the Nurse Assisting pathway.

  • 1.0 Credit (2 semesters)
  • 11-12 grade
  • BHS students only


Advanced Health Careers & Heath Care Clinical

This course is designed for senior students who have successfully completed Health Careers and Human Anatomy. First semester curriculum includes mastery of basic patient care skills, introductory pathophysiology of common diseases, professional skills and medical terminology. The curriculum also includes guest lecturers from diverse healthcare fields who explain their career pathways, share their expertise and provide updates on current practices. Second semester, students will be placed in the community to explore career options with healthcare professionals. Among the clinical sites offered to students are hospital, medical, dental, veterinary medicine, physical and occupational therapy, speech and rehabilitation, fitness, sports medicine, and medical social service. Students are encouraged to continue their membership in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). Advanced Health Careers provides students with a realistic view of career options. Clinical experiences allow students to collect valuable information facilitating educated decisions regarding their future in college or the workplace.

  • 2.0 Credit (2 semesters, double block)
  • 12 grade
  • Open to all BSD students


Nurse Assisting 1

This full year course is designed to prepare students to perform routine nursing assistant tasks to clients in the following venues: long-term and skilled nursing care facilities, home care and community health agencies. There will be a minimum of 80 hours of classroom/lab instruction as mandated by the Oregon State Board of Nursing and 75 hours of clinical training that prepare NA students perform routine assistant tasks to clients in hospitals, long-term, community and skilled care facilities. Students will sit for the state licensing examination at the end of this course.

  • 1.0 Credit (2 semesters)
  • 12 grade
  • Open to all BSD students


Additional Opportunities

Students can participate in additional related activities such as: 

  • Health Occupation students can join HOSA, a Career and Technical Student Organization that provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, adult, and collegiate students enrolled in health science education and biomedical science programs or have interests in pursuing careers in health professions.  Student members of HOSA learn and practice workplace skills through state and national competitions.
  • Advanced students engage in clinical experiences in the community to explore career options with healthcare professionals.
  • Students may earn the following industry credentials: Oregon Certified Pharmacy Technician, Oregon Emergency Medical Services Provider License, or Oregon State Board of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistant.

Students may earn dual credit for some high school course work in this program.

More Information

Click here for the Beaverton High School Health Careers program website. 

All students need to apply for this program. Click here to review application resources. 

Possibilities After Graduation

Interested in what kind of training might come after high school? Want to know specific incomes for the state of Oregon? Click the photo below or here for Oregon Career Explorer.

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