Mountainside HS CTE Programs



teacher talks to students in classroom

In This Program You'll...

  • Determine how to meet consumer demands by studying business trends
  • Explore advertising techniques and implement marketing plans
  • Research and analyze information, including budgets
  • Practice professional skills

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Computer Science

teacher oversees student working at computer


  • Learn programming languages and tools
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hardware components
  • Employ quality assurance practices to create workable products
  • Practice teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Create websites and software applications

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two students working together with table saw

In This Program You'll...

  • Use a variety of tools and equipment to build finished products
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and communication skills
  • Understand technical drawings and specifications
  • Practice safe, legal, and ethical working habits

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Hospitality and Tourism

mixer and bowls with student working in the background

In this program you'll...

  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to prepare a variety of recipes
  • Work as a team to create food and beverage service that meets the customer needs
  • Learn business skills needed to support small food-service operations
  • Practice food safety and sanitation

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three students working on Little Bits circuit boards

In This Program You'll...

  • Apply design principles to identify and solve problems
  • Create working programs/products that meet specifications
  • Practice teamwork, organization, and other professional work habits
  • Engage in critical design review and review suggestions for improvement
  • Explore digital electronics and circuits
  • Use computer-aided drafting software
  • Demonstrate leadership and time management
  • Create with 3D printers, laser cutters, and more

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CTE Programs At Other Schools

The programs below are also open to Mountainside High students, but the courses are at another school.

Transportation is provided. 


Manufacturing at Westview

two boys drill a hole in a metal barrell


  • Use computers and machines to model and create products
  • Apply quality control techniques to achieve desired specifications
  • Plan manufacturing operations to meet deadlines
  • Operate machine shop equipment such as a laser cutter or 3D printer
  • Practice safe, legal, and ethical working habits

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Construction at Merlo

girl using a saw


  • Use a variety of tools, equipment and machinery to build finished products
  • Understand technical drawings and specifications
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and communication skills
  • Practice safe, legal, and ethical working habits
  • Be exposed to a variety of opportunities for a future career in the construction trades

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Sustainable Agriculture at Terra Nova

group of lots of students working in the garden at Terra Nova


  • Apply sustainable farming practices
  • Use power tools, equipment, and machinery to solve problems
  • Learn business skills needed to support small business
  • Use a farm, wood shop, and kitchen to meet BSD biology and chemistry standard
  • Use primary scientific journals as supplemental text
  • Look at issues through environmental, social, and economic lenses

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Automotive Technology at Aloha HS


  • Perform preventative maintenance on vehicles
  • Determine necessary service and repair actions needed for vehicle automotive systems
  • Examine the operations of automotive systems
  • Practice safe, legal, and ethical working habits

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Health Careers at Beaverton HS

several human skeletons


  • Explore the human body, diseases, prevention, and treatment
  • Practice proper patient care
  • Measure vital signs and obtain certifications in CPR, AED, FBAO, and first aid
  • Understand how to interact with patients and families
  • Communicate health information accurately and professionally
  • Adhere to safety, privacy, legal, and ethical practices essential in a healthcare workplace

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