Sunset High School

"I feel like I make a better Spock, but I also make a better Scotty after taking Computer Science."

SHS Graduate

student works on programming lego robot

Are you interested in...

  • Working with computers
  • Combining creativity and technology
  • Solving real-world problems
  • Providing customer support
  • Animating computer games
shelves with old computer parts

In this program you'll...

  • Learn programming languages and tools
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hardware components
  • Employ quality assurance practices to create workable products
  • Practice teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Create websites and software applications

Course Offerings

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Possibilities After Graduation

Interested in what kind of training might come after high school? Want to know specific incomes for the state of Oregon? Click the photo below or here for Oregon Career Explorer.

three photos showcasing different jobs in auto industry, income ranges from $32-123,000 annually