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The path to graduation is not always a straight one. Flex Online offers online courses for Beaverton School District high school students who need a flexible learning option due to special circumstances such as recovering credit for a failed class or having schedule, location, or social emotional barriers to success.
Our mission is to support concurrently enrolled, eligible BSD students to get back on track towards graduation, or to accelerate their learning with more rigorous courses.
If your questions aren't answered below, please drop us a line at  We're happy to help.
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Flex Online Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for a Flex Online course?

There are many reasons why a high school student would need to take an online class, including but not limited to:  credit recovery, medical issues, or scheduling conflicts. Your high school counselor will be the one to determine your student's eligibility for a Flex Online course.  Then he/she will make the request to Flex Online.


How do I sign up for an online class?

If you need to take an online class to make up a failed class, improve a grade, or take a class which won't fit into your schedule, please see your school counselor and she/he will help you enroll.

May I take all of my classes online?

We require that FLEX Online students are concurrently enrolled in a BSD school. We are an additional resource for students who need to take a course outside of the classroom but we are not a full time online school.  If you are a BSD student and feel that an online class would be a good fit for your situation, please contact your school counselor.  She/he will enroll you with BSD Flex Online.

Students are allowed to take only one Flex Online class at a time until they've demonstrated success.

How do I access my online course?

All Flex Online courses are run through Canvas.

Please go to your Canvas Dashboard via BSD Student Bookmarks/Apps and accept the invitation from your online instructor.  Within the course you may be directed to other curriculum sites, such as Apex, McGraw Hill, or Newsela.  Grading will occur in the Canvas course.  

What if I'm having technical difficulties?

If you are unable to progress to the next activity in your Apex class, please contact your online teacher.

If you are having other technical issues please email us at  Or call 503-356-4647.

Apex user support: (requires login)
Apex general support:

ALEKS Support:
Email support:

Is online learning a good fit for me?

Online courses are not a ‘silver bullet’ or the best fit in every case.  BSD Flex Online wants you and your students to have enough information to make the best decision. We encourage you and your students to carefully consider the table below.

Consider the Option

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  • I am (or will be!) an independent, disciplined learner

  • I am comfortable using computers and reading online

  • I have a track record of seeking help on my own when I need it

  • I have been successful in other online courses

  • I have strong reading and communication skills

  • I have people supporting me outside of school for this course

  • A newer computer with high-speed Internet access is available to me outside of school

Use Caution

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  • I feel confident about my chance for success in this course (digital or not)

  • Schedule flexibility would be a major benefit for me

  • If I could work at my own pace, I would perform better in class

  • I have had experience with other online courses

  • I am uncomfortable in a large class

  • I have regular access to a newer computer with high-speed Internet

Not Recommended

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  • This is a 'last resort' for me

  • I want something easier or faster

  • I don't tend to ask for help on my own

  • I am nervous about my chance for success in the course

  • I don't like or have the ability to read extensively

  • I'm expecting a lot of online video lectures

  • I tend to procrastinate

  • I only work online when I'm at school

  • I want PSU challenge credit

Are online classes NCAA approved?

Some online courses are eligible for NCAA approval but some are not.  Student athletes should confirm with their counselor and with Flex Online to determine if their specific class will meet NCAA requirements.