Dreambox Summer Access

Dreambox is an adaptive math program that is being used in the Beaverton School District by K-8 students during the school year and during the summer months as well.  Dreambox constantly collects data from students and provides them with lessons, hints, and pacing to best match each child as an individual learner. The tool is visually interesting and engages students in concept based tasks. It is important that students DO NOT use paper/pencil so that the program can collect data about how the child solves the problems. Having the volume up or using headphones is also necessary.

This tool is supported by the district’s math department and was adopted by the School Board for K-5. All students in grades K-8 in our district have access to this tool over the summer. Dreambox works best on a computer or tablet.

Logging in at home

Option 1: (For students who know their Google email or password)

  • From the Beaverton School District homepage

  • Click on Students, select “Apps for Students”

  • Click the Dreambox icon

  • Use child’s google email/password to login

Option 2: (For students who do not know their Google email or password)

  • Using the SCHOOL SPECIFIC Dreambox url address (Click here to see list of schools)

  • Enter the Dreambox username and password

Option 3: (For students who used Clever Badges for logging in at school)

  • Contact teacher or school librarian for password information to use at home


For more Dreambox information, click on the links below:

To get support over the summer, contact Dreambox at (877) 451-7845 (ext. 3)