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2020 BSD High School Summer Program Information

Registration for Summer School is done at the high school where the student is zoned. Information for the 2020 session will be available soon at the links below. 

Summer Program Dates 
June 22nd - July 23rd
Mon - Thurs (total of 20 class days)

Daily Schedule:
Breakfast 8:00 - 8:25 am (optional)
Period 1: 8:30 - 10:20
Period 2: 10:30 - 12:20
Lunch 12:30 - 1:00 pm (optional)

Course Information:
Intensive, enrichment, original credit, and credit recovery courses are offered to all eligible students in the district. Students, including option school students, access their home high school first. If the course is not offered, they enroll in another comprehensive high schools within the district.

Course Pricing and Credit Information:






Credit Recovery


Subject specific



Point Five (8.5/9.5)





Intensive Summer Course


Subject specific


A - F

Original Credit


Subject specific 0.5 A - F

Graded Enrichment

$350 Elective 0.5 Pass/Fail

Enrichment (1/2 session)

$200 N/A N/A



Intensive Summer Version Courses:
Intensive Summer Version (ISV) courses are designed for students who seek advancement in a course sequence that a standard 4-year high school schedule will not allow. These courses provide the same content coverage and rigor as their classroom counterparts but in a highly accelerated format. 

Free breakfast and lunch are available to all students.

Attendance Policy:

  1. Unless otherwise indicated, academic classes are held Monday - Thursday
  2. More than two absences will lead to a loss of credit in a credit class.

Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to treat all staff, other students, and the physical property of BSD with respect.  Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the program without a refund. The rules and regulations in the Student and Family Handbook from the prior school year, are sill in effect. All rules and regulations will be reviewed the first day of class.

Class Cancellations:
Under-enrolled classes may be cancelled.  Notification will be sent, if necessary.