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Research Requirements

The Beaverton School District recognizes the importance of educational research, and the value of refining the educational knowledge base. However, the primary work of the District is to educate children, and review of the applications will focus on protecting BSD students and staff from unnecessary disruption to the school environment. Research proposals must be submitted by email or hard copy to the BSD research coordinator for review.

The proposal is reviewed by a committee and may take a minimum of four weeks to approve. The committee may require changes to be made prior to approval. Not all applications will be approved—the committee takes the overall quality, number of requests, and the number of current research projects already taking place into account. There is no appeals process. If approved, you will receive notification via a letter from the District.

Consider your research timeline and expectations of completion. The approval process takes time, especially if changes to the project are required. Please also remember that we operate on a school year calendar. As such, applications that are received after Memorial Day are not likely to be approved until the following September.

Outside researchers are allowed on BSD facilities, but must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or complete a medical or religious exception and follow all safety protocols adopted by the district. 

Frequently Asked Questions