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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

The Beaverton School District's School Board, teachers, and administration are committed to the core ideas of a standards-based system through clear Learning Targets in all content areas at each grade level.

Current News:

In accordance with the Oregon Department of Education's requirements the Beaverton School District is currently in the process of developing a new Social Studies curriculum for Board adoption.  This work can be followed on the Social Studies Project Team web site.

Standards-Based Learning

A standards-based learning system is built around several powerful ideas:

  • All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to BSD Learning Targets
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for students to demonstrate growth and learning
  • Formative assessment practices provide feedback focused on student growth and support improved instruction
  • Consistent scoring guides (rubrics)  determine a student's level of learning and indicate what a student must do to improve
  • Regular reporting of progress on each learning target occurs
  • Academics and behaviors are reported separately
  • The highest value is placed on teacher judgment and expertise

For additional information on Standards-Based Learning, Grading & Reporting Process and Credit by Proficiency, please see the Standards-Based Learning System (SBLS) site.Standards-Based Learning Site

BSD Quality Curriculum Cycle (QCC)

The Quality Curriculum Cycle (QCC) provides a systematic means for making decisions about curriculum review, revision, development, and adoption of practices and instructional materials in Mathematics, Science, World Languages, Social Studies, Fine Arts, English Language Arts, English Language Development, Physical Education and Health.

QCC Components