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In education, standards-based teaching and grading practices revolve around ensuring that students meet specific learning goals set by educational standards. These standards outline what students should know and be able to do at each grade level or in each subject area. Rather than solely focusing on traditional letter grades, standards-based approaches emphasize assessing student mastery of these defined skills and knowledge. This means teachers evaluate how well students understand and apply concepts, rather than just their ability to complete assignments or tests. By aligning teaching and assessment with these standards, educators aim to provide clearer expectations for both students and parents, fostering a more transparent and meaningful learning experience.

A standards-based learning system is built around several powerful ideas

  • All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to BSD Learning Targets
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for students to demonstrate growth and learning
  • Formative assessment practices provide feedback focused on student growth and support improved instruction
  • Consistent scoring guides (rubrics)  determine a student's level of learning and indicate what a student must do to improve
  • Regular reporting of progress on each learning target occurs
  • Academics and behaviors are reported separately
  • The highest value is placed on teacher judgment and expertise
For additional information on Standards-Based Learning, Grading & Reporting Process and Credit by Proficiency, please see the Standards-Based Learning System (SBLS) site.Standards-Based Learning Site