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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Dances By BSD Staff Banner
Dynamite (BTS)
Summer Night
Just Sing
I See Love
Cupid Shuffle
Electric Slide
Let's Go (Staff)
Juju On That Beat
Hey Baby
Only You
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
We Will Rock You (Springville)
What Does The Fox Say
Sid Shuffle
This Is Me
Wipe Out (West TV)
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Paper Dance
Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes
Ghostbusters (Hiteon)
Get Funky
Soy Yo
Don't Start Now
Try Everything (Springville)
Waka Waka
Ex's and Oh's
5, 6, 7, 8
High Hopes (BSD)
Born To Be Yours
Can't Stop The Feeling!
Bounce Generation (BSD)
Jumping Jack Song
Wake Up
Brain Dance