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4th Grade Applied Arts Learning Targets

Applied Arts, 4

Ethics & Citizenship

Technology: 4: Ethics & Citizenship

1  :  Advocate and practice safe, responsible use of information and technology

2  :  Use safe and correct security procedures and recognize the potential harm of intrusive applications (e.g. viruses, spyware, pop-up windows)

3  :  Demonstrate responsible use of technological equipment and software as outlined in the acceptable use statement from the Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook

4  :  Understand and adhere to ethical and legal use of copyright, licensing, and fair use laws

5  :  Demonstrate ethical behaviors when using technology (e.g. legal and appropriate downloading)

6  :  Respect self, other users, and digital property (e.g. plagiarism, cyberbullying, privacy)

7  :  Participate in discussions addressing respect for self and other users

8  :  Demonstrate respect for existing desktop configuration, system preferences and user's properties such as assignments, projects and information storage systems

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Technology: 4: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

1  :  Integrate information with appropriate technology to make informed decisions and solve problems

2  :  Select appropriate technology independently to answer questions

3  :  Plan and manage tasks to develop solutions and complete projects

4  :  Choose and follow a teacher directed project plan from a list (e.g. storyboard, note cards, graphic organizers, etc.)

Creative Use of Tech

Technology: 4: Creative Use of Tech

1  :  Use technology as a means to develop innovative products that reflect originality and self-expression

2  :  Use multimedia tools to create an original product

Communication & Collaboration

Technology: 4: Communication & Collaboration

1  :  Present information and ideas effectively to a variety of audiences

2  :  Use a variety of developmentally appropriate media elements to communicate learning in a teacher selected application (e.g. student produced or stock sound, graphics, video, text)

3  :  Use design elements that contribute to an effective presentation for target audiences

4  :  Effectively collaborate locally and globally

5  :  Use communication tools identified by the teacher to gather and share information with various audiences


Technology: 4: Research

1  :  Locate, organize, analyze, and cite information from a variety of sources and media

2  :  Use district online library resources to gain information on a topic in a teacher guided lesson

3  :  Identify the source and date of an electronic resource

4  :  Critically evaluate validity of resources

5  :  Discuss the importance of knowing the author, date, and source of web-based information

Tech Operations

Technology: 4: Tech Operations

1  :  Understand and operate systems and applications

2  :  Use multiple applications for different purposes

3  :  Troubleshoot systems and applications

4  :  Use self-directed strategies to solve hardware and software problems

5  :  Store and access documents in different formats from various locations

6  :  Manage storage space effectively

7  :  Identify common file extensions


Technology: 4: Keyboarding

1  :  Keyboard using correct hand position and posture at 10 words per minute with 90% accuracy