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Applied Engineering Learning Targets

Applied Arts, Engineering (Applied)

ALT 1 - Safety

Demonstrates safe practices in all phases of design and construction.

ALT 2 - Electric Guitar Terminology

Identifies and describes the function of all major components of a modern electric guitar using the proper terminology

ALT 3 - Guitar Design

Develops a custom electric guitar design, describes the guiding design principles and elements, and the selected materials, finishes, shapes, headstock design, fretboard design, and neck design

ALT 4 - Woodworkin

Demonstrates basic woodworking techniques (joining, gluing, planing) while constructing a guitar body blank

ALT 5 - 3D Modeling

Uses 3D modeling tools to implement an electric guitar design

ALT 6 - Laser

Prepares a vector file for a laser system, and safely operates the laser to perform a vector engrave

ALT 7 - CNC Router Command Files

Creates CNC router command files to perform milling operations

ALT 8 - CNC Router Safety

Safely operates a CNC router to perform milling operations

ALT 9 - Following a Sequence

Follows a sequence of instructions to construct a custom electric guitar that implements an original design

ALT 10 - Science and Engineerings

Demonstrates understanding of the electric guitar’s underlying science and engineering concepts

ALT 11 - Quality Control

Follows a protocol to evaluate the quality of own guitar, and the guitars of peers

ALT 12 - Process

Reflectively presents the results of a custom guitar design and construction process