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Kindergarten Applied Arts Learning Targets

Ethics and Citizenship

Technology: K: Ethics & Citizenship

1.     Advocate and practice safe, responsible use of information and technology

2.     Discuss and follow classroom rules for responsible use of technology

3.     Demonstrate responsible use of technological equipment and software as outlined in the acceptable use statement from the Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook

4.     Respect self, other users, and digital property (e.g. plagiarism, cyberbullying, privacy)

5.     Demonstrate respect for existing desktop configuration and user's properties such as assignments and projects

Creative Use of Tech

Technology: K: Creative Use of Tech

1.     Use technology as a means to develop innovative products that reflect originality and self-expression

2.     Explore multimedia tools to create a simple product

Communication & Collaboration

Technology: K: Communication & Collaboration

1.     Present information and ideas effectively to a variety of audiences

2.     Understand that multimedia presentations can be used to enhance learning


Technology: K: Research

1.     Locate, organize, analyze, and cite information from a variety of sources and media

2.     Explore technology resources in a whole group teacher led activity to gain information on a topic

Tech Operations

Technology: K: Tech Operations

1.     Understand and operate systems and applications

2.     Operate input systems (e.g. keyboard, mouse, etc.)

3.     Log in and log out of systems

4.     Troubleshoot systems and applications

5.     Use appropriate terminology (e.g., mouse, keyboard, website, monitor)

6.     Understand ways to get assistance when something isn’t working


Technology: K: Keyboarding

1.     Develop a familiarity with keyboard features (e.g., basic keys, arrow keys, return) and mouse commands (e.g., single/double click)