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Advertising Learning Targets

Business-Mktg, Advertising

ALT 1 - Marketing Info

Understands how to employ marketing information to create a marketing plan to promote a product/service.

AST 1.1 - Define Problem  :  I can define a problem and set goals to solve the problem.

AST 1.2 - Market Research  :  I can conduct marketing research to obtain and evaluate information.

AST 1.3 - Communicating Information  :  I can select promotional activities and media needed to communicate information about products, services, images, and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome.

AST 1.4 - Selecting Audiences  :  I can determine and target marketing strategies to a select audience.

AST 1.5 - Scheduling  :  I can establish appropriate schedules to reach a desired outcome.

AST 1.6 - Finances  :  I can plan the use of financial resources for marketing activities.

AST 1.7 - Impact of Marketing  :  I can develop evaluative criteria to assess the impact of marketing activities.

ALT 2 - Designing Creative Content

Understands how to design creative content for promotional materials used in implementing a marketing plan.

AST 2.1 - Theme and Message  :  I can develop a theme and message for creative content based on the features, benefits, and uses of a particular product/service.

AST 2.2 - Production Techniques  :  I can design creative content that shows a basic understanding of production techniques.

AST 2.3 - Coordination  :  I can develop a marketing plan and creative content that shows creativity and uses an original and coordinated approach.

ALT 3 - Professional Skills

Applies and demonstrates key professional skills to facilitate business success and to progress in business, marketing, sales and service careers.