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Marketing 3 Learning Target

Business-Marketing Marketing 3

ALT 1 - Business Report

Students will understand how to prepare and present a business report on the procedures of planning, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating the activities required for continued marketing business operations.

AST 1.1 - Problem Solving  :  I can define a problem and set goals to solve the problem.

AST 1.2 - Marketing Research  :  I can conduct marketing research to obtain and evaluate information.

AST 1.3 - Drawing Conclusions  :  I can draw conclusions from marketing information and identify potential solutions to solve a business problem.

AST 1.4 - Marketing Strategies  :  I can determine and target marketing strategies to a select audience.

AST 1.5 - Determining Needs and Wants  :  I can use marketing strategies and processes to determine and meet client/customer needs and wants.

AST 1.6 - Scheduling  :  Establish appropriate schedules to reach a desired outcome.

AST 1.7 - Utilizing Financial Resources  :  I can plan, monitor, manage and maintain the use of financial resources for marketing activities.

AST 1.8 - Managing Activities  :  I can develop evaluative criteria, assess impact of activities, and recommend improvements.

ALT 2 - Project Management

Students will apply the concepts of marketing to real-life situations while demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary for project management.

AST 2.1 - Project Management  :  I can demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed in planning and organizing a project.

AST 2.2 - Implementing a Project  :  I can demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed in implementing a project.

AST 2.3 - Monitoring and Evaluating a Project  :  I can demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed in monitoring and evaluating a project.

ALT 3 - Professional Skills

Apply and demonstrate key professional skills to facilitate business success and to progress in business, marketing, sales, and service careers.

AST 3.1 - Effective Communication  :  I can articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

AST 3.2 - Effective Feedback  :  I can incorporate feedback effectively.

AST 3.3 - Time Management  :  I can utilize time and manage workload efficiently in order to complete tasks without direct oversight.

AST 3.4 - Presentation  :  I can present myself professionally and ethically.