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Marketing Seminar Learning Targets

Business-Mktg, Marketing Seminar

ALT 1 - Styles of Leadership

Investigate the history, meaning, theory and styles of leadership.

AST 1.1 - Personal Perspective and Voice  :  Develop and foster personal perspective and voice for increased leadership effectiveness.

AST 1.2 - Leadership Skills   :   Apply leadership skills and strategies to current business, community, or personal challenges.

AST 1.3 - Leadership Opportunities  :  Recognize and seize leadership opportunities.

ALT 2 - Establishing Goals

Learn the importance and fundamentals of a vision and establishing goals.

AST 2.1 - Goal Setting Process  :  Identify benefits, obstacles/solutions, specific steps, and support in the goal setting process.

AST 2.2 - Select Appropriate Goals  :  Select appropriate goal(s) and complete each step of the goal setting process.

AST 2.3 - Obstacles  :  Identify obstacles and describe creative methods for overcoming or by-passing them.

AST 2.4 - Implementing Goals  :  Describe a step-by-step plan for implementing goals.

ALT 3 - Time Management

Understand the importance of time management and time management techniques.

AST 3.1 - Objectively Evaluating Time Usage  :  Develop techniques for objectively evaluating current time usage and create a plan for more effective time usage.

AST 3.2 - Charting Energy Cycle  :  Explain the importance of charting our energy cycle and demonstrate how to use this method.

AST 3.3 - Action Plan  :  Develop an action plan for increasing personal time management.

AST 3.4 - Interruptions  :  Demonstrate how to turn interruptions into time opportunities.

ALT 4 - Communication

Understand effective strategies for communication.

AST 4.1 - Understanding of Communication Styles  :  Use an understanding of communication styles to create effective communication in a variety of work and personal environments.

AST 4.2 - Create and Implement Plans  :  Create and implement plans for developing positive work relationships.

ALT 5 - Business Success

Apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to facilitate business success.

AST 5.1 - Alternative Solutions  :  Develop and evaluate alternative solutions to business problems.

AST 5.2 - Logic and Reason  :  Exercise logic and reasoning to analyze and evaluate ideas, proposals and solutions to problems.

AST 5.3 - Formulate Strategies  :  Formulate strategies used in common situations to inform, persuade, or entertain.

ALT 6 - Technical Marketing Skills

Employ technical marketing skills to understand and perform marketing, sales, and service activities.

AST 6.1 - Marketing Information   :  Gather, access, synthesize, evaluate and disseminate marketing-information to make business decisions.

AST 6.2 - Product/Service Mix  :  Obtain, develop, maintain and improve a product/service mix to respond to market opportunities.

AST 6.3 - Promotional Knowledge  :  Utilize promotional knowledge and skill for communicating information to achieve a desired outcome.

AST 6.4 - Marketing Strategic Plan  :  Develop and implement a marketing strategic plan.

ALT 7 - Create Marketing Materials

Create marketing materials and presentations while demonstrating innovation, creativity, and imagination.

AST 7.1 - Appropriate Topic  :  Describe how to select an appropriate topic for the audience.

AST 7.2 - Listener's Perspective  :  Explain what to look for when analyzing the audience and approaching the presentation from the listener's perspective.

AST 7.3 - Visual Aids  :  Discuss the variety of visual aids and how to make the best selection.

AST 7.4 - Time for Questions  :  Explain the value of including time for questions and describe how to handle these questions or objections.

AST 7.5 - Anxiety  :  Identify ways to overcome anxiety.

ALT 8 - Employability - Career Development

Implement employability and career development skills to obtain and progress in marketing, sales and service careers.

AST 8.1 - Job Search Strategy  :  Use goal setting, self exploration, writing a resume, and research to develop and act on a job search strategy.

AST 8.2 - Job Interviews  :  Prepare, practice, and perform effectively in job interviews

AST 8.3 - Career Success  :  Participate in activities to enhance career success in marketing, sales and service.

ALT 9 - Metacognitive Skills

Apply and demonstrate key professional metacognitive skills to facilitate business success and to progress in business, marketing, sales and service careers.

AST 9.1 - Collaboration  :  COLLABORATION: Students work effectively with others; respect diversity; are empathetic, cooperative, and willing to compromise; assume shared responsibility for group tasks; and communicate effectively in groups.

AST 9.2 - Communication  :  COMMUNICATION: Students effectively communicate and listen through oral, written, visual, and nonverbal formats in both formal and information situations.

AST 9.3 - Leadership  :  LEADERSHIP: Students inspire and influence others to achieve a common goal by capitalizing on strengths to coordinate tasks; motivating and guiding others; taking initiative and responsibility for outcomes; being decisive, assertive, and authoritative; developing others' skills; and negotiating conflict.

AST 9.4 - Self-Efficacy  :  SELF-EFFICACY: Students are confident in their ability to obtain academic success; persist to overcome challenges; and are not defeated by failure.

AST 9.5 - Integrity  :  INTEGRITY: Students work in a systematic and organized fashion to develop precise and accurate products that comply with procedures and directions; have high standards; and maintain personal and academic integrity.

AST 9.6 - Adaptability  :  ADAPTABILITY: Students respond and adapt well to change; are comfortable with ambiguity; adjust priorities and thinking in response to change; manage pressure and setbacks; and maintain an optimistic outlook.