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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Education Intro Learning Targets

Electives, Education Intro

ALT 1 - School Issues

Gains an understanding of school issues in our society and the roles of various instructional personnel in schools in order to work effectively in a school setting

ALT 2 - Communicates Effectively

Communicates effectively in situations relating to students, parents, and professional colleagues.

ALT 3 - Decision Making

Uses reasoning, decision-making, and complex problem-solving in school-related situations, especially those regarding ethics and confidentiality.

ALT 4 - Pre-employment Issues

Gathers and presents pre-employment materials (e.g., resume, cover letter, requests for letters of reference).

ALT 5 - Legal and Ethical Principles

Applies legal and ethical principles to school situations to determine appropriate responses.

ALT 6 - Legal School Issues

Relates contemporary social, ethical, and legal school issues to their historical context

ALT 7 - Best Practice

Researches and implements instructional best practices among peer group.

ALT 8 - Organizational Skills

Uses organizational skills appropriate for school settings.

ALT 9 - Study Skills

Applies study skills necessary for college success.