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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Mindfulness Learning Targets

Electives, Mindfulness

ALT 1 - Brain Research

Comprehends the concepts relating to brain research.

ALT 2 - Learning Styles

Comprehends and demonstrates the differences of the three learning style categories.

ALT 3 - Stress and Performance

Articulates the relationship between stress and performance.

ALT 4 - Mindfully Flexible

Demonstrates the ability to be mindfully flexible when solving problems.

ALT 5 - Communication and Mindfulness

Demonstrates the ability to be mindful and fully present when communicating with family, teachers, and peers, and learns to be self-advocating in a mindful way.

ALT 6 - Paying Attention

Demonstrates the understanding that paying attention helps us use media more wisely.

ALT 7 - Attention, Screens, Brain

Comprehends the effects of attention, screen time, and brain development.

ALT 8 - Technology

Demonstrates the awareness that technology is neither good nor bad, but when we are unaware, we can cause emotional distress for others via intentional or unintentional actions such as cyberbullying.

ALT 9 - Personal Choice Creativity

Demonstrates creativity in personal choice format after practicing mindfulness.