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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

6-12 Grade Choir Learning Targets

Fine Arts, 6-12 Choir

ALT 1- Demonstrate Quality Vocal Production

AST 1.1 Tone     
AST 1.2 Intonation
AST 1.3 Blend/Balance
AST 1.4 Posture
AST 1.5 Vowel Formation
AST 1.6 Diaphragmatic Breathing

ALT 2- Perform Music with Technique

AST 2.1 Articulation/Diction
AST 2.2 Rhythm & Precision
AST 2.3 Flexibility 
AST 2.4 Part Independence            

ALT 3- Perform with Musicality

AST 3.1 Interpretation/Style
AST 3.2 Phrasing/Dynamics
AST 3.3 Expression/Sensitivity

ALT 4- Demonstrate Ensemble Skills

AST 4.1 Preparedness
AST 4.2 Professionalism
AST 4.3 Contribute to rehearsals in a positive manner

ALT 5- Listen and Respond

AST 5.1 Diagnose performance of self and others using appropriate musical terminology
AST 5.2 Prescribe solutions for performance issues
AST 5.3 Demonstrate awareness of cross-curricular, cultural and/or historical context and relevance  

ALT 6- Demonstrate Music Literacy

AST 6.1 Read, interpret, and perform musical notation
AST 6.2 Demonstrate understanding and proper use of musical terminology and markings