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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

6-12 Grade Digital Image Learning Targets

Fine Arts, 6-12 Digital Image

(D1) ALT 1 - Digital Camera

Uses a basic digital camera and other image making equipment to create images.

(D1) ALT 2 - Photoshop

Learns the basic tools and concepts for using Photoshop to modify and enhance digital imagery.

(D1) ALT 3 - Art and Composition

Demonstrates understanding of the Elements and Principles of art and composition to create a good composition.

(D1) ALT 4 - Technical and Compositional Skills

Problem solves and challenges themselves to explore new avenues to improve technical skills and to enhance compositional skills.

(D1) ALT 5 - Vocab, Concepts, Tools

Verbalizes why they did what they did in creating images by using vocabulary, concepts, tools and materials for their work.

(D1) ALT 6 - Creative Expression

Demonstrates creative expression and the ability to problem solve on their own.

(D1) ALT 7 - Good Craftsmanship

Learns what is good craftsmanship and produces quality work.

(D2) ALT 1 - Digital Imagery

Improves on digital imagery skills regarding use of other digital picture making equipment.

(D2) ALT 2 - Photoshop

Improves their skills using Photoshop.

(D2) ALT 3 - Composition Skills

Improves their compositional skills.

(D2) ALT 4 - Large Format Printers

Uses large format printers to print out the fine arts imagery produced in class.

(D2) ALT 5 - Analog and Non-Camera

Looks at alternative ways to create digital imagery by combining analog and non-camera technique.

(D2) ALT 6 - Creativity

Sees what photography can be as a creative avenue.

(D2) ALT 7 - Creative Expressions

Demonstrates their creative expression and explores more than one possibility and outcome of each digital image.

(D2) ALT 8 - Ideas, Concepts and Technique

Verbalizes and explains why they did what they did using ideas, concepts and technique when producing a digital image.