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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

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6-12 Grade Piano Keyboarding Learning Targets

Fine Arts, 6-12 Piano Keyboarding

ALT 1- Perform music with technique and musicality

AST 1.1 Articulation
AST 1.2 Rhythm & Precision
AST 1.3 Facility
AST 1.4 Phrasing & Dynamics

ALT 2- Demonstrate musical literacy

AST 2.1 Read, interpret, and perform musical notation
AST 2.2 Demonstrate understanding and proper use of musical terminology and markings

ALT 3- Listen and respond

AST 3.1 Diagnose performance of self and others using appropriate musical terminology
AST 3.2 Prescribe solutions for performance issues   

ALT 4- Demonstrate habits of a successful musician

AST 4.1 Maintains weekly practice routine
AST 4.2 Demonstrates effective practice strategies during class