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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

9-12 Grade Independent Art Study

Fine Arts, HS Independent Art Study

ALT 1 - Visual Art-Making

I can research new visual art-making processes that I find compelling and incorporate them into my work.

ALT 2 - Sketch Designs

I can conceive of and sketch designs for visual art that includes multiple media- painting, drawing, photography and sculpture.

ALT 3 - Image Processing Software

I can use image processing software to adjust the color, contrast and cropping of my images.

ALT 4 - Refinement

I can refine my visual art works, eliminating formal mistakes and other distractions.

ALT 5 - Completing Work On Time

I can complete work on time and display it appropriately within the school and community.

ALT 6 - Evaluating Work

I can discuss and/or write about my work, evaluate it objectively and describe its personal, social and historical significance.