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Calculus 2 Dual Credit Learning Targets


Math, Calculus 2 Dual Credit

ALT 1 - L'Hopital's Rule

Determines if the limit of a function requires use of L'Hopital's Rule and if so, apply the rule to find the limit.

ALT 2 - Optimum Value

Uses differentiation to find Optimum value.

ALT 3 - Definite Integral

Approximates the definite integral using rectangular or trapezoidal methods and solve related problems.

ALT 4 - Anti-derivatives

Finds the integral of simple functions using anti-derivatives.

ALT 5 - Integral of Functions

Finds the integral of functions using advanced methods.

ALT 6 - Integration

Applies integration to solve problems dealing with area, volume, density, and average value.

ALT 7 - Improper Integrals

Calculates and applies Improper Integrals.