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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Probability and Statistics Analysis Learning Targets

Math, Probability and Statistics Analysis

ALT 1 - Models

Determines theoretical probability using models (mostly counting trees).

ALT 2 - Fractions

Determines theoretical probability using fractions, including two-way tables.

ALT 3 - Experimental Probability

Calculates experimental probability and understanding its relation to theoretical probability.

ALT 4 - Calculates Geometric Probability

Calculates geometric probability.

ALT 5 - Expected Value

Calculates and interprets expected value.

ALT 6 - Bias

Identifies sample and population in a study, and determines whether a sampling method and procedure includes bias.

ALT 7 - Distribution of Data

Displays and describes the distribution of data using various graphs.

ALT 8 - Normal Distribution

Applies the Normal Distribution to solve problems.

ALT 9 - Regression Line

Develops a regression line and equation to make predictions in the context of the problem.