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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

PE Electives Learning Targets

Physical Education, PE Electives

(APEI) ALT 1 - Communication

Communicates effectively using various mediums of communication.

(APEI) ALT 2 - Organization

Understands and demonstrates effective organization and time management skills.

(APEI) ALT 3 - Professionalism

Demonstrates professionalism during class.

(APEI) ALT 4 - Interaction

Interacts appropriately with all groups and/or individuals during activities.

(APEI) ALT 5 - Implementation of Activities

Implements the activities with all groups and/or individuals effectively.

(APEI) ALT 6 - Problem Solving Skills

Understands and demonstrates problem solving and decision making with all students.

(APEI) ALT 7 - Leadership Styles

Use a variety of leadership styles.