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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Science Research Learning Targets

Science, Science Research

ALT 1 - Research Questions

Develops a clear and focused research question based on identification of a gap in current research

ALT 2 - Rationale

Writes a rationale that details the background information that explains why this research is important

ALT 3 - Experimental Design Proposal

Create an experimental design/engineering proposal that includes detailed steps, methods for data collection, risk and safety precautions, and data analysis procedures

ALT 4 - Representing Information

Clearly describes observations and measurements, represents information in appropriate verbal, pictorial, graphical, and mathematical terms, then draws appropriate inferences and conclusions from these observations

ALT 5 - Reporting

Articulates reporting of rationale, method, observations, results, conclusions, and impact of work in the format of a formal research paper

ALT 6 - Presenting at Science Fair

Creates a poster board suitable for presentation at a science fair

ALT 7 - Oral Presentation

Presents scientific research orally in a logical, interesting sequence that audience can follow