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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

Cultural Anthropoolgy Social Studies Learning Targets

Social Studies, Cultural Anthropology

ALT 1 - Thick Description

Engages in an interview, using the principles of "Thick Description".

ALT 2 - Kinship/Marriage Systems

Identifies the key components of kinship & marriage systems, defines and applies the fundamental concepts.

ALT 3 - Gender

Discusses the theories associated with the social construction of gender.

ALT 4 - Hegemony and Social Control

Discusses and critiques theories of hegemony and social control using multiple daily life examples with connection to theories about cults, w/c accusations and normative expectations.

ALT 5 - Socio-linguistic Theory

Identifies the key components of socio-linguistic theory and defines the fundamental terms.

ALT 6 - Ethnography

Analyzes a culture using anthropological theory and expresses understanding in the form of an ethnography.